Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Four generations of the Alexander’s have been farming the land between Hayesville and the Chatgue Reservoir. In the early 50’s Robert Alexander cut and milled enough Red Oak and Hemlock from the farm to build the beginnings of his new business, a dairy farm. Now retired, his children have leased the land to a solar energy company that plans to flatten the land for the PV arrays. But, before the bulldozers came we have deconstructed and reclaimed the beautiful wood by hand so that it can live on in new structures and projects and its real value be appreciated.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Important Information

Pricing: Wood prices vary from $2-10 per board foot.

Contact us: Please email us at adamrwalters@yahoo.com or call Adam at (919) 928-2562. We can meet you any day of the week at any time, so long as the sun is up. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to see the wood.